The Blumenthal Foundation since its inception in 1953 has focused the majority of its grants on programs and projects that have an impact on Charlotte, and the state of North Carolina. The Board of Trustees also believes that it is important to provide basic operational funding for non-profits, not just support for special programs or projects. Nonprofit organizations are in the business of providing services for the public good, and they usually know how best to accomplish this task. By providing nonprofits with these general operating funds, they will have the resources necessary to carry out their basic mission.

The philanthropic efforts of the Foundation are focused in nine areas of grantmaking.

Presently the Foundation makes grants only to nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organizations and institutions that are exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code or to a governmental agency. No grants  are made to individuals for any purpose.

There are no deadlines, and requests are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees meets on a quarterly basis.


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